Divison of M & S Systems

The Unique High Speed Marking System

The Marking Problem Solver.

The Stencil

Stencils can be ordered plain or customized with your company's name, logo, or any other repeating information.

The Ink

Ink is available in FAST DRY and STANDARD DRY.  The FAST DRY is used primarily on nonporous surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, rubber, or any nonporous surface.  STANDARD DRY is used on surfaces such as wood, cartons, paper, labels, and other surfaces that dry by absorption.

Industries that use these products include:

                                    Furniture Manufacturer
Automotive                              Machine Shops
Carton Manufacturers                      Nurseries
Discount Stores               Parts Manufacturers
Electronic                      Rubber Manufacturers

STEN C LABL can be used for:

  • Carton Addressing
  • Part Marking
  • Poduct Identification
  • Content Information
  • Caution Notification
  • Anything you need to mark

The system's "Feather Touch" enables
you to make up to 50 clean, sharp
impressions in just one minute on
virtually any surface, even glass.
Over 100 impressions can be made
from each low-cost stencil.  Stencils
are available in a variety of sizes and
configurations to meet your specific
needs.  The basic Sten C Labl is a
hand-applied multiple marker composed
of three basic units.

The Durahead

This simple, yet ingenious two-part applicator tool holds the stencil, stores and supplies the ink, and marks the package or product.  The applicator consists of the Durahead (a flat, durable ink pad framed in tough delrin plastic) and a screw-on, four ounce ink container.  The refillable container becomes both handle and ink reservoir.  There is also a curved (or rocker) applicator for heavy duty use.  This applicator has its own ink reservoir and screw-on, custom molded handle.

The Sten C Labl Line of products are distributed exclusively through our network of national and international distributors.  For the name of your area distributor please contact us at:

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